June 2021.

In cooperation with the MR Research Centre at Aarhus University, SHUTE has tested its mPOF sensors inside a 3.0 Tesla GE Discovery MI scanner. "We wanted to test for respiration, motion detection, pulse and heart rate" SHUTE CTO Kristian Nielsen explains. The tests were performed on a 45 kilo, 3 months old, sedated pig inside a highly magnetic invironment. "We had some fantastic results" Kristian Nielsen continues "The SHUTE fiber sensor bed patch easily detected respiration and even picked up a detailed pulse graph when the data was filtered." "Doing more tests with a SHUTE sensor patch on the chest of the pig, we saw clear pulse and heart rate movement."

The operating radiologist tried to detect the SHUTE fiber; but conclusion was, that the fiber image did not disturb any tests and he found the fiber virtually invisible. "To sum up, a perfect day of testing! All the tested SHUTE sensors performed perfectly in the high magnetic field" a satisfied CTO Kristian Nielsen concludes. Read more about it here: 'MRI Scanner Test Results June 2021'

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