May 5th 2020 Last fall’s Venture Client Cycle participants KONE and SHUTE have begun their Venture Client partnership in April. The two companies are collaborating on research to further understand how the technology can be utilized.

SHUTE Sensing Solutions, a polymer optical fiber sensor system provider, is working together with their new Venture Client KONE, a global elevator and escalator industry leader. Last month, they worked together on developments for KONE’s predictive maintenance solution for elevators and escalators around the world.

Real-Time Monitoring with Optical Fiber Sensors

SHUTE’s offering is particularly innovative in the field of fiber optics. They have developed a polymer optical fiber sensor system that can assist in real-time monitoring of critical moving parts. This will give a better prediction of when parts should be replaced. And as SHUTE’s solution is based on hair-thin fiber optics SHUTE can place sensors where there normally isn’t space for one.

Working with a large industry leader is an opportunity the SHUTE team is gladly taking to challenge themselves. SHUTE CCO Kristian Rode explains they are especially interested in developing scalability.

“Our hope is that the solution, that we develop in co-operation, will at some point turn into a commercial product helping KONE to better monitor their elevators remotely,” he says. “Our experience working with larger companies is that one idea has the potential to create several new ideas, once you get started working together. Ideas that might even strengthen the co-operation.”


Reducing Down-Time in Elevators and Escalators

Constant operation of elevators and escalators is vital. Unexpected failures can cause inconvenience and disturbance in the people flow of a busy building.

The KONE Venture Client Opportunity “Novel Approaches to Predictive Maintenance” was aimed for partners to develop new solutions to reduce downtimes from unexpected mechanical component wear and failures. KONE’s 24/7 Connected Services has already transformed the industry, by reducing downtime and increasing transparency and safety. With SHUTE as a partner, the KONE team believes they can provide customers with further enhancements and new smarter ways of predicting maintenance needs well before unwanted disturbances occur.

“During the Value Proposition Days, SHUTE showed initiative in finding a solution that brings additional value to KONE customers,” says Mika Alvesalo, KONE KTI Global Category Manager, when asked about what tipped the choice for SHUTE. “In general, working with a startup partner gives us an opportunity to test the capabilities of new technological innovations in our products with a team that is highly knowledgeable about new technology.”