February 1st 2016. We have successfully installed the first sensor inside a concrete floor together with a large Danish contractor. It is the first test in a real environment and will document the humidity levels throughout the curing and drying phase.

“During the construction phase, it is very important to keep focus on the humidity level of the concrete, especially if wooden floors are to be laid on top of it. To ensure that the concrete has the right humidity level, we usually take samples, but with SHUTE’s sensor system we can instead continuously monitor the drying and start the further work as soon as the humidity level is satisfactory. If it works as intended, we will be able to save both time and possibly money in relation to having to take samples in the concrete on an ongoing basis. Another advantage is that we get data about the drying profile, which we can use during the entire construction process.” Says Timmi Sargentoni, construction manager at NCC. For full article read here.