Strain resolution:0,001 %
Strain operating range:0 - 6%
Humidity resolution:0,5 % RH
Humidity operating range:10 % - 100 % RH
Temperature resolution:0,5 °C
Temperature operating range:-20 °C - 80°C
Youngʼs Modulus:3.2 GPa
Sampling rate:1 Hz - 1 KHz
Number of Sensing Points:1 - 10
Sensing Point Length:5 mm
Plastic Fiber length:1 - 6 m
Transport glass fiber length (fiber extension):1 - 50 m



What is an optical fiber sensor system?

  • A data collection unit and optical fibers
  • Sensors are distributed on the fiber/fibers
  • A single fiber can monitor and detect various parameters
  • A sensor system can include several fibers

A sensor system from SHUTE comprises of three sub systems: