Q: Can the data be transmitted wireless?

A: Yes indeed, we can deliver both wired solutions and wireless solutions


Q: What is the difference between glass fiber and polymer fiber?

A: Polymer (plastic) is more robust, it can be stretched and bend more than glass fiber. On top of this polymer fiber can measure humidity. Glass fiber however can be very long, where polymer fiber presently only can be 5-6 meters long. But the two fibers can be merged to get the best out of both types of fiber, long reach and humidity measuring.


Q: What are the biggest advantages using polymer fiber sensors?

A: The SHUTE sensors are lightweight, flexible, anti corrosive, and can become “one” with the material it is embedded in. The sensors become like “eyes” in the core of the products.


Q: What industries will be able to benefit from this technology?

A: SHUTE sensors are very versatile and can be used in both soft and hard materials. So far, we have worked together with the paper, the med-tech and the security industry. We are also working very close with the construction and building industry, assisting them in solving one of the real relevant problems they have, namely, to monitor when the concrete floors are cured and dry enough for wooden floors to be installed.