SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S produces all polymer fiber optic cables in-house. Polymer has obvious advantages to glass fiber regarding usage in human bodies. We are currently working together with partners on polymer fibers as part of bio mechanics projects. Another advantage is that SHUTE sensors work in highly magnetic environmets, like MRI scanners.

How it works

SHUTE Sensing Solutions’ polymer fiber optic cables may be used as inner body communication wires in medical devices, transporting data to and from the med tech device and the human body.


SHUTE sensors can survive and function in high intencity magnetic fields: “We have tested the SHUTE mPOF sensor, and found it MRI/NMR compatible, it shows no sign of decrease in performance, when subjected to a gradient coil exercised with magnetic field strengths up to 1.5 T/m within a static main field of a 9.4 T super-conducting magnet. This paves the way for a whole new way of monitoring critical temperature values inside the MRI/NMR scanner environment.” says Palle Koch, Engineer, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. Read more about it here: 'MRI Scanner Results' 

Polymer fibers can also be used in other usage situations where mechanical properties are important. By combining polymer with surgical steel, even more robust fibers with different combinations of flexibility and stiffness can be achieved.


Additional material

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