SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S has created the world's first commercial humidity sensor system that survives 100% RH.

Like having “eyes” in the core of concrete structures

SHUTE has patented the world's first commercial plastic fiber sensor system, which precisely measures moisture in concrete floors over time. We call it ConcDry. As “eyes” in the core of the construction, the system makes it easy, for contractors to get precise knowledge on how a concrete floor is drying. Optimizing the timing as to when the structure is ready for wooden/linoleum floors, paintwork and plaster walls to be installed.

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“During the construction phase, it is very important to keep focus on the humidity level of the concrete, especially if wooden floors are to be laid on top of it. To ensure that the concrete has the right humidity level, we usually take samples, but with SHUTE’s sensor system we can instead continuously monitor the drying and start the further work as soon as the humidity level is satisfactory. If it works as intended, we will be able to save both time and possibly money in relation to having to take samples in the concrete on an ongoing basis. Another advantage is that we get data about the drying profile, which we can use during the entire construction process.” Says Timmi Sargentoni, construction manager at NCC. For full article read here.

How it works

By placing our fiber into the concrete and covering it, it can be used both as indicator as to when and how fast concrete dries, but also in the long run as a continuous monitor of the health of the concrete along the measuring points of the fiber. The fibers are attached to a device that logs data. The measurements from each fiber can be displayed on a computer as a 'health chart’.

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For reading the brochure on ConcDry in magazine format press here.


CCO Kristian Rode explains how SHUTE sensors can be used in general in an interview at DTU


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