SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S has worked with sensors in composite materials across many areas of business, but especially the aircraft industry have shown interest in SHUTE sensors because of the light weight and ability to monitor in the core of composite materials.

Like having “eyes” in the core of composite materials

SHUTE has patented the world's first commercial plastic fiber sensor system, which can be placed inside composite elements to act as an internal strain monitor, without compromising the strength of the structure. The SHUTE sensor can measure internal strain during curing, adding more optimizable parameters to the production process. A fully embedded fiber can be used to detect small internal cracks in composite elements, while also being able to monitor the applied strain on the element during operation.  

How it works

SHUTE sensors have with great success been build into the core of many different composite materials. The advantage is that the polymer fiber optic cable is light weight, non corrosive, non electrical conducting, flexible and durable, which makes it easy to integrate with the fibers of composite materials. In the first picture the fiber is lying on top of the composite material, in the second picture the fiber has been embedded in the center of the composite material. The two X'es marks the sensoring points. For a visualization of our technology see here.

Testia 4

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