SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S was originally a spin-out company from the Department of Photonics Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

SHUTE Sensing Solutions A/S was established in 2015. Two of our founders, Ph.d. Kristian Nielsen and Professor Ole Bang, were scientists working at DTU Fotonik, on projects related to polymer optic fibers.

They developed a novel polymer optical fiber sensor system, which enabled us to real-time monitor strain/stress, humidity and temperature in points along a hair-thin optical fiber. Hence the name SHUTE.

Six years down the road, we are currently 9 highly specialized employees with expertise on optical fiber development, electronics, chemistry, mechanics, software, sales and marketing, and a board of directors that provides strong business and technological insights.

In 2018 we moved away from DTU to establish a new office and an independent production line at Kvistgaard, North of Copenhagen. Following our relocation, we have invested in our own lasers, polishing machines, assembly and testing equipment, draw tower and IT infrastructure. This evolution has consequently increased SHUTE’s ability to develop and scale-up custom-made solutions within 1-2 weeks and to deliver large quantities of custom-made sensors. Since 2020 all SHUTE optical fibers have been produced inhouse. 

Turnover more than tripled in FY 2019, and despite Covid-19 FY 2020 ended close to 2019.


Our logo is picturing the cross-section structure of the inside of a SHUTE fiber, see below image.